If any of you have been wondering what in the world has happened to our little press, fear no longer!  We are quite alright, after suffering from a minor head cold and quite a bit of sneezing, we have managed to recover and still have all our wits about us.  You may or may not have heard the exciting news that Black Lantern is leaving this online forum for the world of paper cuts and E-Zines.  Read more about our new project on our website.    

As of August 2011, we will again be open to submissions for our print and E-Zine magazine (which will be available for purchase on our website).  Heck, if you love us that much, you can even buy a subscription to our little magazine, and wouldn't that be a nice present for someone you think is particularly special?  

Of course, we are sorry to say that we are temporarily closed to general submissions, but hope that you all will stop by often and keep tabs on us.  And of course, for those writers and artists out there, be sure to re-read our submission guidelines and put your best shoe on your left foot before submitting your piece to us in August.  We look forward to hearing from you!!!


Website Update

Artwork © Benjamin Lacombe.  All rights reserved.

For the release of our new summer issue, and to make things a little lighter for spring, we've updated Black Lantern's website.  Check out the new site here and be sure to tell all your friends about Black Lantern and don't forget to stop by and take a glance at the new summer issue of Black Lantern available now!


Summer Issue, Black Lantern NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

Hello again, all!! It's that time of the year, and, as we know you all have been waiting patiently for it, we're going to go ahead and release the Summer Issue of Black Lantern, this making the journals third online issue.  The issue features some old as well as some newer writers and exquisite artwork, so please feel free to browse at your own leisure!

Our printed "best of" for 2009-2010 will be released by August, so keep an eye out for it!  

Thank you again all for another successful issue, and readers enjoy!

Read our other issues here:


Best of 2009-2010, Print Journal

Black Lantern Publishing is proud to announce our printed, Best of 2009-2010 collection, which will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2010.  Included in the publication is Issue I (Fall 2009) in its entirety, along with selections of the "best of" our published writers and artists of Spring 2010 and our yet to be released, Summer 2010 journal.

Originally, Black Lantern had anticipated releasing a print version of each of our online issues.  Yet as we continue to grow and with our increased reader base, we feel that our online forum has been a great success, and do not wish to see that change.  However, we would like to offer our readers the opportunity to own a printed journal with selections of our published works.

Presently, Black Lantern is planning on releasing a yearly print version of the online journal for purchase, which will be available on our website.  Included in the printed journal will be a compilation of art and literature from the Winter (Dec.-Feb), Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), and Fall (Sept.-Nov.) issues of our online journal, selected by our editor-in-chief.  This first, printed copy, will include our very first issue, along with selected works from our Spring and Summer issue (as a Winter issue was not available for this year).

As always we would like to thank our readers for their continued support, with hopes that our print version will be as great a success as our online journal.


Spring Issue 2010 Closed, Accepting Summer Submissions!

Another successful issue is complete, full of wonderful, burgeoning artists and writers, and Black Lantern Publishing is seeking more artists and writers for our summer submissions.

Please note: All submissions which are currently under review and which are received after
February 1, 2010 will be considered for the summer issue.

Again we would like to thank all of our contributors who have made this issue even more stunning than our last. Keep writing and we'll keep reading!

You can see our beautiful spring issue here.

In the meantime, if you have not yet seen our new homepage, be sure to check it out!


Our New Website!

Wonderful news, faithful followers! Black Lantern Publishing is taking over the world wide web! Visit our new website, www.blacklanternpublishing.com.

Thank you to everyone who has made Black Lantern Publishing a success! As we continue to grow, we can only think of those faithful readers and contributors who have made Black Lantern what it is today. Keep reading!


Spring Issue Now Available!

We know! You couldn't wait any longer, and neither could we! Our Spring issue of Black Lantern is now available for viewing! We have some wonderful new authors featured in this issue, as well as a few returning goodies, so be sure to visit the new site and see for yourself! But if you think that's all we have, don't worry, we have a lot more to add to this issue. But hopefully this will tide you over for the next few months...

We are still accepting submissions for the Spring issue, so if you're a writer or an artist and are interested in submitting, be sure to visit our submission guidelines page.